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Healthy Balance Yoga Therapy

Tessa Cole, OTR/L, PYT-c
Occupational Therapist
Professional Yoga Therapist

About Tessa

Tessa is an occupational therapist (OT) and level one professional yoga therapist (PYT-c). She has a passion for helping others identify and develop their true health and wellness while balancing the reality of life's responsibilities and stressors that are unique to you. 

Tessa takes pride in her holistic and integrative approach to helping you achieve health and wellness. Together you will assess your physical health, mental and emotional well being, and how your energy, stress, sleep, and eating habits impact your daily routine. 

Tessa feels yoga therapy is all about connecting your mind and body to live in the present moment  and reduce the stress you perceive in order to maximize your health and wellness. 

Tessa has a unique perspective that sets her apart from what yoga instructors offer at yoga studios. She has had graduate level training of the mind and body as well as her most recent training in medical therapeutic yoga. These both offer a specialized lens into the intricate systems of the mind and body and how disease, pain, surgery, injury, and medical conditions impact the body's function.

“Tessa is helping me toward a more mindful, healthy lifestyle and an avenue towards managing my chronic pain. Actually, her professional and personal care she brings to my need for help is amazing and a blessing to me. Developing a routine for breathing, exercise, and yoga has lent to improved sleep, decreased anxiety, increased engagement in community, and weight loss. I have been able to reduce my blood pressure, nerve pain, and muscle relaxer medications. More importantly, I have significantly reduced my opioid medication and continue to work to be off of them completely. I have also improved my labs for cholesterol and A1C since working with Tessa.”